A massacre or a crisis revealed?

 There is nothing worse to endure than the death of one’s child. The pain is numbing ,a part of the parent also dies inside…

The  US  Sandy Hook School massacre . The heart wrenching pain of the very very young victims, the tragedy spanning not just over those who lost their lives but also to the other small kids who have been scarred by this horror for ever. Just like every mother, I was flooded with rage..But as more outrage spreads and  the gun control laws  again take centre stage .Yes, a gun takes more lives than the knife . So taking away the gun will stop the crime right?

Honestly that is as naive as my 7 year old .. We are  Indians and the concept of holding guns at home is alien. So I describe the horror story and say he grabbed three of his mothers guns..she says .”Why  so many guns at home..was she a soldier?”..If you can make it a law that only a protector of the law ,enforcing security can hold a weapon, then ok ..thats a first step.

But truly we need to look a lot deeper beyond just gun control. While it is the easiest thing to say take away the gun..Or even worse..As I read .. give guns to the teachers! This is a parenting issue … a social issue.

why was a mother of a disturbed lonely child having 3 guns  and ammo ? why was it easily available to the  boy? why are these teens always loners? The boy shot his mother first.. what provoked the attack?  A stricter , more watchful parenting would have helped .  Not teaching a six year old how to use a gun would have helped. A healing network of friends would have helped may be… and these are the only steps that can actually prevent another such massacre ..a crazy kid in a  fit of rage may get a gun or knife.. Can we as parents /school teachers and friends spot it before it gets crazy?

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