Parineeti Chopra! We, fat girls are pretty strong and what you say!

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So Parineeti Chopra has become thin and is no longer a “chubby, childish girl”. Good for her. Why do I care? A case of sour grapes may be? No, today I am thankfully at an age and stage where I can say I don’t care. Yes, I would like to look like that, but frankly I don’t care enough to put in the time and discipline it takes. But here is my crib, I have a daughter, who is also on the chubby side.. and we recently spent a lot of time talking about how she needs to be  fit. Fit not THIN.

So for her sake and for the countless other young girls looking at these images of the campaign.. here is why Parineeti should watch what she says.. before she reminds 6 million followers on Twitter and 2.5 million on Instagram that confidence is a reward earned with looks and thinness…

I have spent most of my life either being on the “chubby” side or imagining I was, even when I was reasonably leaner..You see that’s the problem with being a fat girl in reality..You can get to where you look like Parineeti does now but the fat girl lives in you somewhere. To be strong and confident, you need to feel just that ..Strong enough to face what life throws at you, confident enough to know you can do what it takes. 

As a mother, as a daughter as a wife or as an employee, being strong and confident has nothing to do with the way you look. Even if you look as stunning as Parineeti does in those shots, life is full of doubts of whether you are doing your best, making the right choices..Somewhere in the flow you become stronger as a person as you grow from being taken care of to taking care of a family, standing by that sick friend, making tough decisions, going through rough patches, death, pain. As you deal with these you find friends and family and sometimes strangers support you and give you the confidence that while this is tough, you will get through this.

So if you worked hard and feel strong and confident by just getting a good body Parineeti, I would say you have had it easy!

If you say you are fitter and healthier than you were when you were chubby, yes that’s the truth.. that’s the message you want to spread.

Fitness and health are not optional. We need to make time for these and certainly preach the long term benefits of a fitness regime that may be hard to stick to and require discipline and motivation and pushing harder.

But please don’t tell me, we are average because of our size and need to work on our size to build our self-esteem. Shedding the flab will make us THIN, believing in ourselves and facing life head on, standing up to those bullies who yell out MOTI , wearing just what we want  and looking drop-dead gorgeous, irrespective of size, and enjoying this whirlwind of life in its fullest , is what makes us STRONG AND CONFIDENT.  

Trust me, we women are #builtthisway!


PS: My 10 year old has added these two lines:

Please read “Apoorva’s fat diary”. I totally related to the elephant jokes on the bus and the dread for Sports day. She is a cool fat girl.


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