Blown Away by Wonderboxx – Air & Wind

Post my first experimentation with the Wonderboxx, my budding scientist couldn’t wait for his next box to arrive. (For the uninitiated, WonderBoxx is an innovative, theme-based, and age-specific hands-on learning monthly subscription box). Oh,did I mention each Wonderboxx comes beautifully giftwrapped..a small gesture but certainly adds to the glee of the little kid. This month’s Wonderbox was titled “Air and Wind”. We quickly looked at the inside to see what fun was in store for us. Hey, a DIY parachute, airplane and a balloon car! What luck, fit in beautifully with his school theme of the month on “Transportation”

Given the typical ebullient energy of a child to explore, here is how we normally go about unboxing the Wonderboxx. Since he has to do some experiment immediately, I usually choose a simple DIY craft activity that will satisfy his need to create. We started off with a DIY Magic Paper Fan, a simple accordion fold with a neat open close option. As he works on it , I slowly flip through the lovely Inside Out booklet , reading out interesting bits from it to get a feel for the topic. It was an interesting mix, I thought, that lent itself to a lot of topics..Air and Wind pressure and weather, transportation and air pollution, conversion of energy, gravity.

Here is a quick peek at what my little scientists and me uncovered from this WonderBoxx

  • The DIY Parachute project while seemingly simple opened up the concept of air resistance and gravity. We looked at this really cute animated video here to explore the physics behind the parachute and how it saves your life by slowing you down. As my little scientists systematically tests various figurines with and without the parachute..he asks “What if the parachute is torn?” “Hmm, so it cannot be a paper parachute because it will tear but it has to be very light..Light but strong..wonder what materials can be used” Love the thinking wheels in action..
  • The DIY Battery Fan project offered a little bit of electrical tinkering and we had a working battery fan and observe the science behind converting energy from one form to the other. . from electrical energy to wind energy.
  • The Windmill Project delved deeper into using renewable sources of energy like air for work and reemphasized the conversion of energy from one form to the other. Lucky for us, we had seen a Curious George episode on this before!
  • The Balloon Car project..what do I need to say , a kid, a balloon and a car..while the balloon driven car was fun, hidden inside the lesson of air pressure was also a discovery of Newton’s third law of motion
  • The Pneumatic crane took some patient assembly and its reward was to watch the power of air pressure. There were a deluge of questions and I quickly resorted to a video “How do pneumatic tubes work here

And the fun did not stop here in this box, the Inside Out book had a whole bunch of playful and cool games, mazes and experiments on Air and Wind. So would I recommend the Wonderboxx? A thumping yes!

  • This was a really well conceived box. There is clearly a lot of thought put into not just the experiment but also in making sure that the learning happens with “Super Questions to think about” and “Research Notes for Parents”
  • Science becomes fun when the experiments are cool and fun. This Wonderboxx has got bang on! All experiments are designed with the brains of experts and the heart of a child
  • The ease of having all the materials for each experiment neatly and separately packed at your finger tips is a boon for any busy parent trying to make their “quality time” count
  • In today’s gadget crazy world, especially for the older kids where toys seem to lose their lustre, this kind of hands-on learning is a refreshing change. It ranks up there with the Lego’s in the kids world and provides learning and enriching experience that every parent would want.
  • Priced at 1000 for a single box and even better with a subscription plan, it wins on the price point decision as well. The way I look at it, it is at least 4 toys made by your kid + productive learning+ fun while doing this project with you!

Eagerly awaiting for our October box with “Optical Illusions” to arrive. This review was from the Ginomo series but they do the Toddlo and Kiddo series for yonger kids. So,if you would like to unbox some well packaged fun and learning, do check out the Wonderboxx website (and their current discounts).

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