3 Wonderful lessons From Kung Fu Panda 3 for you and your kid

Now my kids are huge fans of animation movies. We watched KungFu Panda 3 yesterday and I was delighted to find some nuggets of wisdom to talk about on our drive back home.

Pushing your limits/Going beyond your comfort zone

“If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now”

As Master Shifu pushes Po to begin teaching , he gives us this lovely piece of advice.. to push beyond our comfort zones.

Whether it is the shy kid who doesn’t want to be on stage, or the kid not wanting to go beyond chapter book or the chubby kid who doesn’t want to run, because he is self-conscious, these words from Master Shifu will encourage them to step a bit more boldly in to the scary, next step.only then can we discover how much more we can do.

Power of being yourself and the strength of community:


“I’m not teaching you how to be me, I’m teaching you how to be you” ..When Master Shifu tell this to Po at first, he is left befuddled. But faced with the attack of the villan Kai and unflinching support from his varied Panda family, Po finally cracks the cryptic advice. “Your real strength comes from being your best you.” As each member of the Panda community from the hugger, to the ribbon twirling dancer to the little kids, each one’s unique individual talent makes up an very important part of the whole

In today’s world where “different” means being singled out or ridiculed, it is truly important our children notice that each person brings a special talent to the group and understand together we become stronger and better team.

Of Goodness , Chi and Energy:

In Kung Fu Panda 3, universal energy that flows through everything, called “chi” is used to magically and collectively transform Po into a true Dragon warrior. Irrespective of its Kungfu intricacies, it is a great way to say to our children that when we concentrate on our purpose and work together for greater good, you will certainly achieve success. Each master had great Chi and attacks Kai alone, but does not succeed. It is the collective energy channeled into Po that works. But when the same energy is given to the Kai, he gets overwhelmed. Always a good time to say..Choose the right path, else even powerful energy cannot help you

And one for us mums:

Po: I’ve been asking the same question. Am I the son of a panda? A goose? A teacher? … Turns out, I’m all of them. I am the Dragon Warrior.

Aren’t we all moms full of these questions…daughter, sister, teacher, coach, doctors, wife ,employee, cook..turns out..we are the Dragon Warriors too !!

Let us leave the self doubts and guilts and SAHM vs working battles of our mind and revel in being ourselves, keeping peace and happiness in our homes, harness the help of our friends and community and enjoy inner peace.

So go ahead and enjoy our beloved dumpling-eating, noodle-swirling, stereotype fighting panda and revel in all its awesomeness!


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