Tip Tip Barase paani….The eagerly awaited rains..The intoxicating smell of the fresh earth..bring in a “flood” of memories literally.. Paperboats in puddles, rain coats and gum boots and saving ourselves from the splash of the vehicles..eating bhuttas and pakoras..Then of course, the “Aachoos” and the tummy upsets.. that are often the side effects of the weather and indulgences of the season. So here are more than dozen tips to keep you smiling through the monsoon.

 Get wet, keep clean

Getting wet is a part of the rainy season. Jumping in puddles is fun. Why try and stop the fun..

  1. Just be sure they are dressed for it. They have to be wearing gumboots or anything that keeps their feet dry. Barefoot is a complete no-no.Stagnant water often collects sewage, filth, and rat’s faeces and gets you in direct contact with germs that can cause fungal and bacterial infections.
  2. Once out of the water, Pay extra attention to keeping your feet dry and clean. Keep nail trimmed short for kids.
  3. Adding a few drops of neem oil in the bathing water works as a disinfectant.
  4. Encourage them to carry a towel and dry themselves well after reaching school.
  5. One little fun tip – when my kids come in drenched, cold and wet, I give them a quick run over with the hair dryer. They get warmed up real quick and love it too

Boost the Immunity, Don’t let bugs in

  1. Hot soups are great immunity boosters. Add ginger, garlic, onions and other whole vegetables to increases the anti-bacterial property of soups.
  2. Nuts are a rich source of proteins, good fatty acids, anti-oxidants such as carotenoids, selenium, B complex vitamins, vitamin C and concentrated source of energy making them ideal food to fight infection and promote growth in children.
  3. Nani’s favourite and now even a US craze as the “Turmeric latte”, “curcumin” is a powerful anti-oxidant and promotes immunity. A glass of turmeric milk before bed will help your child fight the common cold and flu and also help get a good night sleep
  4. Parents usually do not give yogurt to their children thinking that it could cause cold and cough. But, yogurt helps enhance resistance against infections. Consumption of a probiotic yogurt on a daily basis boosts the immune system to fight disease-causing germs. Fresh or pureed berries and other fruits can be added to the yogurt to enhance the flavour and add a shot of antioxidants!
  5. Use natural insect repellents, disinfectants like neem, camphor, lavender, citronella or cloves to minimize the presence of mosquitoes.

Eat healthy, Keep fit:

  1. Boil or filter it, but ensure that you consume water that is absolutely clean. Carry your own water bottle everywhere. Also a good idea to get your home water purification system cleaned just before the rains.
  2. The wet weather outside begs for fried pakoras along with hot chai. Ideally one should avoid deep fried foods as they can make one feel heavy and are difficult to digest. Outside food is a no-no. But once a while, to indulge in a plate of homemade pakoras. Make them at home using healthy oils like Sunny oilor Rice Bran or try some baked versions.
  3. Finally, keep fit. Kids often lack outdoor play in the rains. Add doses of fitness in to their day. Take the stairs, do body weight exercises such as push-ups, squats and lunges, practice yoga or skipping rope. Or put on your favourite music, shake a leg and dance your way to good health with your kids.

After all, as they say “Weather is a great metaphor for life sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and there’s nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella or choose to dance in the rain!


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