150 Brilliant Ideas for Young Minds -A book review

As a mother of a pre teen, I opened this book titled “150 Brilliant Ideas To Keep YOUNG MINDS Fit & Fine” wondering if it would indeed give me some “brilliant ideas” as the title suggests. In the midst of the stormy mood swings and random rebelliousness, when your perfectly fine child (well almost) starts to morph in to bits of an unseen stranger, staring at a world with new eyes, every parents wants to make sure they are doing everything they should. So it seemed to be a book that has come exactly when there is a dire need for one.

The book by Neera Maini Srivastava is aptly divided to three sections with 50 ideas each to Mind your body, mind and spirit respectively.
As I leafed through the first section Mind your Body, I found the writing very simple….almost as if in a conversation . Hey focus on this thing that your doing? Did you know this? Doing this will help..in a calm, friendly tone, not the nagging, preachy mom tone. Every little topic from smelly feet, hair gel to all important ones like sex and hygiene and some possibly not always discussed one- like tattoo , thyroid checks and preserving vision are all in there.
The Mind Your Mind got more interesting touching upon a vast set of very real and much needed young adult issues-while clearly underlining the need to have a strong value system before focusing on making yourself a brand. Being a friend rather than saying how to be popular, loyality ,truth, patriotism and social sensitivity are some vital truths in this piece
After this the book steps with similar ease into dealing with the soul and taking care of the spirit. Giving, forgiving, living in the now and choosing between science and spirituality –eternal quests for all of us are all listed here in a simple way.
So what did I love-
• Simple, comprehensive, non preachy sharing of all issues that a young adult may encounter
• All issues came with uncomplicated approaches to dealing with it even within the short writing per idea –which is great for teens- who may just flip through the book at random and will still end up with good advice
• The affirmations at the end of each section are wonderful and a highlight of the book. I know I am going to copy some of those that my daughter may need to hear herself say and put it on her wall
• May serve as a good checklist for a parent – for some reason tattoo was never on my list!
Things that bothered me-
• Some of the ideas felt repetitive or a continuation of a previous topic. Probably having them grouped together better would help one not feel like Didn’t I read this already? But then again if a teen is just reading bits and pieces on and off, it would not be an issue.
• The art in the book was a bother. Kids today are in to rather great anime and art. It would be doubly beneficial if the art was a cool comic strip or at least look like Young Adults at the minimum.
Would I advise you to buy this one? The answer is in the Acknowledgements, it is indeed – first of its kind foray into the wellness truths for young adults and certainly deserves a read for its comprehensive and practical approach to holistic wellness


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