All of me – Book Review

Here is a book i think you will enjoy as much as your kid. All of me by Venita Coelho

A super engaging mystery novel – almost a movie in a book..her vivid writing , the well sketched characters and the intriguing plot could well have been a mini Indian Crimes of Grindelwald Series

The book is about a 11 year old boy Castor who is discovered locked up in a basement In London, when the Uncle is found murdered. Was the Uncle crazy or was he trying to save the child from something more sinister? But there is more, the boy has a family -in his head – a whole set of personalities from a father who quotes the Bible, to a governess , a prodigy, a street smart one and one more… As the boy inherits a fortune and Joshua, a kind and accepting detective join his team – they search for his Uncle’s killers and his parents (who may be PC Sorcar and a princess!!) begins. The story then transcends to the next level as the author beautifully brings in a historical angle with the Kohinoor Jewel and Queen Victoria and Blue turbans hot in pursuit.

To say anything more will give away the fun of the story just saying …for any 10+, its a superb read! And there is more coming , so its a good way to get a kid hooked on , waiting for a book to come.

Also must mention , to bring in multiple personalities (not just a jekyll and hyde type but this complex) yet handled with such finesse and absolutely no negativity – in fact making him a whole more accepting and wiser kid is something I really marveled at! Eagerly awaiting the next book in the series …

Can’t even begin to talk about book discussion possibilities – psychology and our dark sides, our history and colonial exploitation , something that is desired greatly and bears a curse…that’s for another post – for now just read it 🙂

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