Is there an Invisible boy around you?

The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig is the first book that comes to my mind when we talk about feeling left out, ignored. A short picture book that allows even the young reader to reflect. The book shows a Brian, a young boy who is drawn in black and white. He is not noticed by the teacher who is dealing with loud kids , he is not invited to a birthday party and he is not picked in teams. Until a new boy comes in. He is ridiculed , not ignored. Then Brian takes a chance , almost loses heart and then finally is part of a group.


 #GreymattersQ on Inclusion

…Why do you think he is drawn in black and white?

…The teacher is busy dealing with troublemakers? Have you felt ignored by a teacher or parent? When ?
(Be prepared for the child saying when my parents are on the phone , they don’t notice what I am saying:()

…Do you think they left Brian out on purpose when they made teams? Do you always select your friends or strong players when you make a team?

…What do you feel when someone leaves you out of a birthday party invite? ( a loaded question in today’s context)

…When the new kid is made fun of , Brian wonders – which is worse being laughed at or being invisible? Such a poignant thought – pros and cons discussion

…When Brian reaches out, at a point he wishes he could draw a hole that could swallow him up. ( A starter for discussions on emotional literacy and mental health)

…the last pages are pure joy. See the difference acceptance makes to a child’s life

#CreativeWriting Tasks

Grade 1
Complete with a short paragraph
I felt invisible when …Draw to illustrate

Grade 2 /Grade 3/ Grade 4
Brian wishes for a superhero with the power to make friends. write about a superhero with this power

Grade 5 to Grade 7
Write about a time when you moved schools/ a new city and felt invisible.

**Please share and use as appropriate . I strongly feel these kind of discussions alone can promote #empathy
Do share thoughts and any other books this post reminded you of ..

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