Raining Reflections

Rains tends to always invoke a certain feeling of romantic nostalgia. Almost quixotic , as the sweaty summers and dry earth being cleansed and rejuvenated. Starting from the smell of the rain , to the  hearing the raindrops , to feeling some  inexplicable joy in being drenched in the first rain followed by greedy taste buds that  demand a hot tea with a crunchy onion pakoda are probably the first few delightful thoughts that would come to most.

In this stunning book called Rain : A City Through a Season written by Vinitha Ramchandani and brilliantly illustrated by Kripa Bhatia , the reader goes a sublime visual journey, thoughts gently nudged in to thinking  by Vinitha‘s  words.

Why does Meena say the rain is always blue?  What can you taste , touch, smell …?  Familiar images of Mumbai- the sea link, the  local trains, a kabutarkhana , the water logged roads, a colorful chawl take your thoughts on known paths, you think. And then there is a growl!

What is the growl in the continuous downpour is something you will have to find out in the book!

But for sure, you will go beyond what rain means to just you…

This is certainly recommended as a physical copy to truly be able to enjoy it , but I used the kindle cloud reader to read it , as I couldn’t wait !

The book is published by The People Place Project as part of the City Mosaics series that is certainly an essential read for children, our future citizens, to begin appreciating their city, its places and people, and its diversities,

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