On Indian History and Independence for kids

I had a fun filled buzzing session yesterday with my Grade 4 kids. Here is a sneak peek

A quick starter quiz …

1. Do you know the difference between the Independence Day and the Republic Day? How many years did it take to draft the constitution?
2. Do you know the colours of the flag and what they represent?
3.Did you know the flag had at least five different designs over the years? Who designed the current version?(Psst! It was a woman)
4. Did you know the Indian flag is actually to be made only of one cloth ? Which one?
5. Do you know the meaning of the words in the national anthem?
(Some answers in the images below )

Then as we discussed the flag, we talked about the chakra and the Wheel of Dharma, and of Emperor Ashoka

We talked about Indian history and the great kings and books about great kings. I introduced them to the fabulous Subhadra Sen Gupta and more. We talked about kings and horses and battles, and read bits and pieces from the following books.

Non fiction Book List-

1. Lets go time travelling by Subhadra Sen Gupta with wonderful comic illustrations by Tapas Guha
2. Kings and Queens by Subhadra Sen Gupta
3. Battles and Warriors by Subhadra Sen Gupta
4. 10 Indian Monarchs whose Amazing stories you may not know by Devika Rangachari . This one has Ajatshatru , Pulakeshin , Chand bibi and more..(The whole 10s series is absolutely recommended!
5. The Emperor who Vanished and other strange facts from Indian History by Kavitha Mandana
6. Krishnadevaraya by Roopa pai – Absolutely gorgeously illustrated book on the King of Kings and the brilliant breathtaking Hampi told as a lovely tale.

(While the above list is directed to kids , I think many of these books are enjoyed by adults as well:)

Historical Fiction Book List-

The Victory Song – Chitra Banerjee
Ahimsa – Supriya Kelkar
The Night Diary – Veera Hiranandani
Being Gandhi – Paro Anand

Additional Recommendation for YA Grade 6+
Across the lines by Nayanika Mahatani
The Teenage Diary Series ..of Jodh Bai, Jahanara,
Queen of Ice by Devika Rangachari

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