Galumphing with Roald Dahl’s ‘ The Crocodile’

A peek in to my recent class with Grade 4 students : )
My small creative writing class that has now gone online is notoriously becoming more creative talking and less writing, to ensure children are more engaged !

Author Exploration — Roald Dahl
Read — ‘The Crocodile’ from ‘Dirty Beasts’ by Roald Dahl ( )

Revision of Onomatopoeia — Sound Words — Crunch!
Think of other food sound words like munch, slurp, chomp, gulp , crunch…etc. (Excellent time for a bit of acting!)

Vocabulary For Descriptive Writing:
Look at the way Crocky enjoys eating his food with specific toppings.
We discussed the descriptive words that describe food — zesty, marinated, glazed, infused, gourmet, smoked, etc.

Creativity Booster — Fun with words
‘Galumph’ was coined by Lewis Carroll in his children’s story ‘Through the Looking Glass’ in the nonsense poem ‘The Jabberwocky’. Roald Dahl himself is famous for his Gobblefunk (…/gobblefunk-around-with-words).

Think of the word galumph — looks like a gallop + squash/squelch/dragging — A croc in a rush?
Add two movement words together:
wadsink — waddling + sinking —maybe a seal moving on melting ice?

The children had a blast creating words like trudjumping, galluncing, hideaping and whackier scenarios like a hippo in a slushy field, a boy with water in his boots walking on a fresh, tarred road !

Now, write 2 paragraphs of free verse or rhyming poetry!

Para 1 — Create a creature (a mix – can be real/mythical), name it and tell me what it eats! Be as detailed as Roald Dahl in describing what it likes to eat with toppings, sides etc. Use the word list supplied in the attachments.
Para 2 — Oh no! The creature has come in to the house! Describe its colour, patterns, skin texture, eyes, tail etc. Then what does it do?
Afterall, creativity is intelligence having fun! Go ahead, have a fun evening with the exercise!

poetry #imagination #gobblefunk #creativewriting #vocabulary #food #roalddahl

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