Thank God It’s Caturday – A collection of cool cat stories

A delightful collection of cat stories , cat puns and jokes , this  set of ten short stories contributed by a wonderful set of children’s book authors is certain to bring a smile on your face.

The very first story by Lavanya karthik had us rolling with laughter as we read about Pharoh Itinramen in his bath and his quivering , squealing  Vazir. The Yellow Cat by Shabnam Minwalla gave us a slight shiver  with the resident ghost at Bright Minds while Nalini Ramachandran’s Black Cat Crossing was read twice on demand , with Pati’s aiyoo’s and superstitions and the gorgeous C2. Nandini Nayar’s The Boy who was a cat, that too one with two tails transported us to the town with witches and made a purr-suasive case for my kids to be cats. Neha Singh’s Billo and her famous friends added a  historical flair  with the special inmates of   Yerwada jail.  Then we got whisk(er)ed away into  Mithee’s neighbourhood , Homi Stationery and the tea wallah and discovered her pet peeve as divulged by Harshikaa Udasi in her trademark fun filled, vivid narrative. Kyrunnisa ‘s super cool Mx.C ‘s Strange Habits took us on a detective hunt after a robbery at the mewseum. Nalini Sorenson’s There is a rat in our house  was a laughter filled scramble, a must-read- aloud. A mewntain out a molehill really 🙂

Vaishali Shroff’s Boy and the Cat go to Mars was a touching portrayal of Adi, who really needed a purrfect friend like Panther. Laitha  Iyer’s ‘Let sleeping cats lie’  with  Chamko and Badal made an interesting point  as the city gets saved by a whisker!

Ok , pardon all the catpuns  and  jokes, but this book is truly an entertaining read , filled with these cool cat stories, riddles , jokes  and  trivia . Recommended for kids 7+ and adults too.

Creative Writing

Here is a fun creative writing exercise I had done a while ago , that works really well with this book

…List all the cat idioms – Cat’s got your tongue , raining cats and dogs , cat’s meow , let the cat out the bag , to put a cat among the pigeons , to bell the cat

…Add a few  more fun cat phrases – A cat-astrophe , a cat nap , a scaredy cat

…Use the Story Prompt :

Jim stared at the control panel of the spaceship unable to believe his eyes. It was a catastrophe!  A jet black cat with gleaming blue eyes sat blissfully , right atop the  array of switches and buttons.  “Cat’s got your tongue , Jim ? Captain Phillips asked , as he walked in and then stared at the feline predicament “Ok! We can’t pussyfoot around this . Who is going to bell this cat?” he announced.

….Think …Who is the cat ? Is it the cat that belongs to the scientist who designed the spaceship?  Has it escaped from an abusive witch and thus you know a witch on a broom is following you? Is it a robot that is programmed to  detonate a bomb and self destruct? Is it a holographic projection , a message from the future?

Take any scenario and write a short story using the cat idioms , phrases and puns!


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