Bounce Hop Raaga Pop -Play it musically

‘Bounce, Hop, Raaga Pop’ is the second children’s book on the theme of Indian Classical music from Shyama Panikkar. She is the founder of Sur Taal aur Masti, an Indian music enrichment programme for children and she has infused this book with her energetic, fun approach to teaching daunting classical music to the young children.

Riaan and Nyra visit their grandparents in Kerala. As grandma hums ‘Sa Re ga’ while hopscotch squares, Nyra has a brainwave. Instead of numbers, they write Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa in the squares. The children then come up with fun ways to sing classical ragas while they count and bounce around. As they try different combinations, Shyama beautifully introduces different Ragas, their names and versions in North and South and the concepts of Aaroh and Avaroh. With the counts and patterns, there is a mini math lesson as well! The book ends with a gentle ode to the music all around us from the parrot’s squawk , the jingle of the cycle bell to the gentle pitter patter of the rain.

A neat QR code included at the end links to a short you tube video to help you sing the raagas. The illustrations by Radhika Tipnis are adorable ! A lovely book to have fun sing along or jump along, while opening the doors to Indian classical music.

Grey Matters Discussions

Musical Exploration

  • Explore different Ragas sung at different times of the day. Listen to them and see how you feel.
  • See if you identify other songs in same tune, even across languages

Patterns around us

  • Are patterns a language of the universe? Stars have patterns, animals have specific patterns, seasons follow patterns, music is a pattern.
  • Explore the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci series

Learning with play

  • What else can you learn with the hopscotch mat? Animal sounds , spellings, tables, multiplication.
  • Did you know hopscotch was invented to train Roman soldiers and the courts spanned to over 100 feet. The Hopscotch court was used to help Roman foot soldiers to improve their footwork as they ran the course in full armour! Explore origins of some other games

Sharing an an old blog on nurturing music in children here

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