I am Archana . Here is my journey so far.. Reticent, studious kid… a love for english,but afraid to tread on a dubious path took me away from my love for writing. Starting as a serious engineering student who saw her road ahead was merely to solve the structural problems of buildings or the transportation issues of the county , my role as a wife opened up a new set of challenges. From learning to please new taste buds or juggling a new set of priorities (Things that I didnt even think were on m list of priorties:)) ..lets just say, I had much to learn. A mother of two complete polar opposites.. a daughter,(7 now) smarter than me, much more spirited than I was.. a voracious reader from the age of 3 ,but never inclined towards anything physical…I am always wondering about the choices I make for her . My son a high energy 3 year old , wont stop for a second .. from worrying why he did not start talking at 2 or treating his hyperactivity ,my never-knew existed reflexes are constantly tested. Finally whether it is just age that makes you introspect more or the company of my illustrious hubby , I have begun delving deeper in the true meaning of things …
thats all the mental noise ..now to channelise it and make it productive

Lazy , unsure of what i would blog about, I took to answering on Quora and lo and behold .. I love to write and I cant stop!



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