I am Archana . Here is my journey so far.. Reticent, studious kid… a love for English, but afraid to tread on a dubious path , took me away from my love for writing.

A serious engineering student who saw her road ahead was merely to solve the structural problems of buildings or the transportation issues of the county , my role as a wife opened up a new set of challenges. From learning to please new taste buds or juggling a new set of priorities (Things that I didnt even think were on my list of priorities:)) ..lets just say, I had much to learn.

A mother of two complete polar opposites.. a daughter,(14 now) smarter than me, much more spirited than I was.. a voracious reader from the age of 3 ,but never inclined towards anything physical…I am always wondering about the choices I make for her . My son a high energy 10 year old , wont stop for a second .. from worrying why he did not start talking at 2 or treating his hyperactivity , my never-knew existed reflexes are constantly tested.

Finally whether it is just age that makes you introspect more or the company of my illustrious hubby , I have begun delving deeper in the true meaning of things …
that’s all  what I call the mental noise.

Years of  reading , teaching  and seeking now take shape, as I channelise these thoughts and crystallise the words I need to say.

Welcome to my blog…


  1. hi archana. Reading your introduction feels like looking at my future or say living your past currently…there’s just too much of similarity in our life along with profession, interest, family….:-) saying that…what wonderful topics you have covered and very well you have expressed your thoughts on each of them giving relevant references like books. im sure i’ll keep coming back to you, as it will be more like connecting to myself! god speed to you

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